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Shop Fitting & Retail Design

Individual. Customized. Made in Germany


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We are generalists, perfectionists and specialists together under one roof. Almost 360-degree agency, which has specialized in the creation of the Retail Adventure World, from Displays and Shop-in-Shop solutions to the complete store concept. As a Full-service agency, we offer Engineering, Design, Production, Installation from a single source to the integrated and creative solutions at the Point-of-Sale.

We love freedom, because only in this way we can develop our creative ideas. With a strong team of designers, architects and engineers, we design unique and thought-out concepts that prevail in practice. Through decades of experience and market establishment, we know what we are talking about and prove this in the immediate feasibility of our projects – individual, tailor-made and worldwide.


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Because we look at each project individually, we create unique implementations that we are proud of - from the idea through production to installation on site. In our professional team of experts each work in an interdisciplinary way and look beyond one's own boundaries. This is the only way to achieve creative solutions and above-average results.


We approach our projects in such a way that our customers always have the opportunity to develop with us futrher the desired services or to continue the projects on their own at any place in the world.


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We have always been focused on one vision: to offer our customers efficient, high-quality and creative solutions from a single source.

Over the years we have been able to grow together as a team and to fill all the necessary departments with experts who will take you to the top of the Point-of-Sales and Retail Experience.


We are proud to have never lost sight of this vision and its magic. This is the only reason why today we are able to map the entire process of a successful project and work for global brands such as Samsung or Philips.



Every Vision needs a Visionary. The is Stefan Koehnen, director and the owner of the GERO GROUP.


As a Student, he began to plan, create and collect store concepts ideas. Almost obsessed with the idea of setting new standards for each project and playing with innovative ideas.


When we talk about this in the team today, he has to smile and is glad that he can now distribute this work on many shoulders - with respect for creative freedom and the claim of 25 years of professional experience.


Sie träumen von hochwertigen und innovativen Ideen am Point-of-Sale, möchten Ihren Messestand revolutionieren oder einfach mal etwas anders machen?

Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam kreativ werden! Vereinbaren Sie hier ein unverbindliches Beratungsgespräch:





Tel: +49 618 79 50 40


Do you dream of high-quality and innovative ideas at the Point-of-Sale, want to revolutionize your shop-in-shop, trade fair stand or just do something different?

Let's get creative together! Here you can arrange a free consultation:

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