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We know the secret: the mix of different materials ultimately leads to the perfect design - however, the economy, of course, should be always in mind.


We enjoy the great advantage of all processing machines available in our house with their great diverse capabilities. This gives us the opportunity to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of every work process and customer's demands and to make valuable decisions for the production from which our customers benefit.


Wood is a noble material that lends itself to many projects. From solid wood to fine veneers everything is processed here.


Our wood production is divided into two parts.


The first area focuses on series production with maximum automation options.


The second production area is primarily about high-quality single-part production.


When it comes to metal, we can rely on a balanced production, which allows us to process profiles and sheets with the highest precision.


Whether cutting, bending, punching, knowing or drilling - we can cover almost all metal production processes in-house.


Our own toolmaking system increases the efficiency of the process many times and gives us the opportunity to react flexibly.


With the help of injection technology, thermoforming and hot forming, we have unlimited possibilities to process plastics ourselves.


The best thing is: no matter what colors, shapes and surfaces - everything is possible.

This material group is supplemented by state-of-the-art carbon fiber fabrics and composite materials that provide every possible form with static requirements.

Digitalisierung Am Pos
Digitalisierung Am Pos
Digitalisierung Am Pos
Digitalisierung Am Pos
Digitalisierung Am Pos
Digitalisierung Am Pos

Digital Technology

Digital technology is nowadays indispensable at the point of sale. After all, it is proved mechanisms of action that generate interaction and allow you to start a dialogue with your customers.


Especially in the field of lighting control, but also in many other fields, we have no limits in development of digital technology.


An expert team of engineers and programmers are working on new solutions every day to set a new standard at the POS and to impress consumers with state-of-the-art technology.


We have a variety of printing techniques and film plotters available. This allows us to print directly on metal, wood, acrylic, plastic or many other materials used in shopfitting, furnishing and retail design.


Using 3D printers, we can produce designs as well as shapes and sample building blocks that will help us a lot in production.


During every printing process, our graphics team ensures that everything runs smoothly and ensures quality for a long shelf life.

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