Our design team are clearly the most creative minds in the house. The team is made up of a wide variety of specialist from all possible areas in order to satisfy the individual and diverse needs of our customers. And they are quite diverse, that much we can tell you.


That's why we have all the specialists in house, from communication and brand design to industrial design and product design to architecture and interior design.


So we can implement your most unusual ideas. Just take a look at the range of our design work.  


Industrial Design

Industrial design is a challenging discipline.


After all, it forms the relationship between products and systems. Good industrial designers design functional solutions and test them in daily use.


Creating holistic solutions that meet specific needs requires expertise, creative diversity and precision.


These are also the basic values ​​that we strive for in the design sector.


Only in this way can we impress global players like Johnnie Walker or Nestlé.

Interior Design

The expertise of our interior designers includes the interior design of restaurants, shop fitting and retail design, as well the development of interior strategies and public space concepts.

The focus is always on creating emotional worlds of experience that make visitors dream. Our interior designers work with the highest standards, including 3D planning, for example. In order to work efficiently in all planning areas, we use different planning software such as Solid Works, Inventor or AutoCAD.

This enables us to operate in international competition and our work also corresponds the highest standards outside of Germany.


We can also carry out for you interior design planning, which is then produced abroad by your partners, according to your needs.

Brand Design

We create exceptional shop-in-shop systems, good shopfitting concepts, functional industrial and interior designs coherente to a brand image  that trigger the observer physically, mentally and interactively.


As an all-round agency we are also a competent expert in corporate design  including logo development, packaging design, booklets or brochures.


Thanks to our many years of experience, we know that a harmonious overall impression will bring your brand apart from the competitors and make unique and particular.