What is the use of the most beautiful design if it can not be implemented in production?


Therefore our team makes sure that the design team works closely with the production without restricting the freedom of the designers.


This gives us the opportunity to check the feasibility of designs with our engineering team at an early stage. The possibility to test all ideas directly in production saves us many additional process paths and facilitates later production.



We deliver the quality according to German  standards, from the idea to the development of your concept. Everything is possible, nothing has to be done by yourself.


This means for you that you can leave the planning work to us and then you can take the production into your own hands and implement it to your own ideas, wherever you want.


By working with planning software such as Solid Works, Inventor or AutoCAD our planning is also understood internationally and enables a carefree production.


Through our years of experience in the industry we have production partners all over the world, with whom we like to connect you on request.

Technical Development

The planning of aesthetic and functional spaces and products is actually only half the work, because it becomes exciting when they have to be staged in order to function at the point of sale.


This requires the development of mechanics, lighting control, interactive multimedia displays for customer communications, floor displays and much more.


Only the symbiosis of optimal development and the use of best presentation systems makes it possible to convince the customer of the product and to sustainably increase sales.