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Product design for us is a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics, function, innovation and economy. Based on these four values, we develop our creative ideas, from which only the best in production can make it .


Our signature is always visible: elegant forms combined with high-quality workmanship. As an ambassador for your brand, our product designs must be unique, functional and distinctive.


We analyze the market, develop creative ideas, test them in-house and integrate the results into direct product development. The result is brilliant solutions with "wow effect".   

Whiskey Glasses Design
Whiskey Glasses Design
Whiskey Glasses Design

Product Development, Moscow

This elegant and filigree glass was designed as a small set for a luxury brand of Johnnie Walker Gold Label matching the new brand concept and interior design of the bars and restaurants where it was placed.


Laser engraved logo of Johnnie Walker gives the design an unmistakable recognition value and unobtrusive elegance.


We took care of the complete development of the design and procurement of the materials by means of which the client was able to produce the product himself afterwards and not being dependent on us.

Furniture Design


Product Development, Stockholm

When our Scandinavian customer asked us to develop this high chair, we had to smile a bit. That's what the scandinavians are known for?


Later it turned out that our know-how, our product quality and the speed of our work had already spread to the North of Europe and brought us this project.


Inspired by the Bauhaus tradition, we have developed this elegant design that matches the brand.


Industial Design Coffee Machine

Brand Development, Lausanne

The teams of large corporations are often so busy with the existing product portfolio in their day-to-day work that product development of new products can be outsourced to external service providers like us to save valuable time.


This is where we came into a game. Within this project, we developed a thermo coffee cup with integrated milk foam preparation for Nestlé.

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