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You can rely on our mechanics because we know how much this step is important, not less then previous ones.


That's why we work with a team of trained technicians who combine craftsmanship expertise with the highest quality and on-time delivery.


We send our fitters worldwide for the assembly of your concepts.


Design and Production Company Frankfurt

Assembly Work

During assembly, it becomes clear that the entire team has worked seamlessly hand in hand.


Here, every part must be present and the last hole drilled. That's why trained everyone in our company from production to assembly for a while, so he knows what's important.


Everyone in the total integration of all services is responsible for the success of each project. We are proud to have delivered every project on time to date.


Design and Production Company Frankfurt

Mobile Team

Of course, we would like to send our own team of expert technicians to make sure that the assembly is done 100%  and according to our quality standards.

However, if it is not possible for you for technical or financial reasons, there is always the possibility to use our international network and let local teams do the assembly on site.

On this map you can see the red spots that demonstrate all places in the world where our team have worked.


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