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​Bringing a new brand to the market and making it known worldwide is admittedly a challenge. However, increasing the visibility of brands already known around the world is not an easy task.

For this purpose, you need experience, competence and vision to repeatedly enrich a brand at the Point-of-Sale with progressive ideas and to accompany it on the way to the future.

Our creative potential is devoted to a decent design of Shop-in-Shop Systems and POS brand displays that stand out in the market and take you to our customers' 'brand world. 


Marlboro Showcases Duty Free
Marlboro Showcases Duty Free
Marlboro Showcases Duty Free
Moving shelves - kinetic sculpture
Marlboro Showcases Duty Free
Marlboro Showcases Duty Free
Marlboro Showcases Duty Free
Marlboro Showcases Duty Free

Shop-in-Shop Design,


Display models must be high-quality, futuristic and unique in order to bring world-renowned brands Marlbaro and Parliament to the next level.

In addition to the classic design of the elements of the product, we often play in our concepts with unusual brand presentation, interesting material surfaces and extraordinary lighting systems – the main thing is not to be boring and ordinary.

For our major customer Marlboro, we have developed a Shop-in-Shop System, which is equipped with future design with a unique lighting concept and 3D products presentation solutions.

It's a pleasure to stop and have a look

Displays Unique Design Chalet
Displays Unique Design Milka Cow
Displays Unique Design Milka Cow

Shop-in-Shop Design,


More than just Muh.


For more than 10 years, we have been working with Milka equipping business of Mondelez Company with this "typical Milka" design.

With love and attention to details, we have produced for Mondelez this creative unusual shop-in-shop design that reminds of childhood.

Through the brand-specific chalet, it takes visitors to the alpine brand world and creates instant recognition value for Milka chocolate.

Duty Free Stand Design Toblerone
Duty Free Stand Design Toblerone
Duty Free Stand Design Toblerone
Golden Foil for Design
Special Printing on Golden Foil
Golden Display Toblerone

Shop-in-Shop Design, Europe-wide

"Think Big!"  means that traditional brands that want to inspire in a big way and conquer new target groups.

Finally, yes, a certain prestige and image factor are very important.

To get a lot of attention, we worked with this shop-in-shop system with real gold and a folding system, which is not that easy in practice.

The classic yellow packaging is reflected in the brass polished high-gloss surfaces. The motto "Bling Bling" is true.

Of course, Mondelez is aware of this effect and invests in the coherent overall impression that subconsciously anchors among consumers.

Moving Sphere - Special Light Disla
POS & Displays Innovative Technology
Golden Display
Bar Design
Promo Candles Design
Premium Displays for Electric Goods
Premium Displays for Electric Goods
Premium Displays for Electric Goods
Premium Displays for Electric Goods
Premium Displays for Electric Goods
Premium Displays for Electric Goods
Displays for Electric Goods
Store Design for Rewe
Store Design for Rewe

Shop-in-Shop Stands,


We have designed and implemented this unique Installation with the moving sphere on the top.


It is used by Philipp Morris worldwide for the product presentation in duty free shops.


Strongly curved glasses, deformed surfaces, filigree strive, self-luminous edges invisible mounting connections and colour-intensive LED lighting are just a few of the criteria that were used in this design to remind customers of the premium brand Parliament by Philip Morris.

Bar-Installation, Russia

None of bar guests pass this atmospherical installation over without giving a curious look. Yes, we wanted to provoke it.

We have created an installation for Diageo in about 56 top bars in 10 cities that appeals to the hedonistic instincts of a  human nature and has a very elegant design.

A built-in memory electronical technology generates  every 15 minutes real smoke that captures the attention of every guest.

This Installation was used throughout Russia, from Moscow to Yekaterinburg.


Shop-in-Shop Design, Singapur

"Reduce to the max" is the guideline for both our designers and our engineers. Why?

Because it is often important for global corporations to deal respectfully with the expectations of consumers.

The motto of the following installation in duty free is "less is more". A complete Shop-in-Shop design for Philips included product development and production of all display abroad, delivery and assembly.

The exciting thing: if you take a Philips product out of the Installation to have a look and to try, the right content for the product appears on the built-in display.


Retail Design,

Aachen & Frankfurt am Main

Here we have designed and produced a high-quality store space for Rewe, number one retail stores chain in Germany.


Simple elegance, perfect performance and safe handling meet affordable production costs.

The usage of natural materials and neutral colors give customer the feeling of the good-quality food and decent retail store with a personal approach.

Lamp in the store for Samsung


Frankfurt am Main

In this project we have built a unique installation for Samsung. Everything that creates attention was appreciated: illuminated floors and a custom-made lamp.

Our guidelines in this project were: individualisation, systematization and sustainability.

We have designed and built an architectural scaffolding as a kind of construction kit, which the customer can always reassemble.

This not only reduces production costs, but also makes future processes faster and easier.

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