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Brand visual communication - both online and offline - is the door opener for successful brand positioning.


We give our graphic designers the freedom that creativity requires. What they sketch and design with a light hand often causes the technicians to sweat - and that's a good thing, because we stand for unusual and creative ideas.


With professional illustration tools we merge photography, typography and 2D / 3D-special effects together. Even elaborate animations are programmed in-house for our customers.

Wall Paper Design. Branding
Wall Paper Design. Branding
Wall Paper Design. Branding

What the Food

Logo Design, Frankfurt

We implement the image of fresh ingredients, regional and seasonal products as a quick snack for nutrition-conscious walkers from the surrounding banks in the trendy station district of Frankfurt.

A food start-up with a provocative brand name and strong imagery. Of course, it was clear that a logo should be heard, attractive, bright and creat the fresh taste of bio products.

The result is a graphically colorful potpourri of fruits and vegetables for What the Food.

Graphic Design for Business
Graphic Design for Business

German Real Estate

Brand Design, Frankfurt



Since there is no second chance for the first impression, business cards must not only convey the character of the respective person, but also the values ​​of the brand they work for.

Technical details, custom cuts, material choices, color and font are just a few of the factors to consider. For Lutz Behrendt of German Real Estate we have developed business cards in minimalistic design that reflect the professionalism of his company.

Graphic Design Johnnie Walker
Brand Konzept
Brand Konzept
Graphic Design Johnnie Walker
Brand Konzept
Graphic Design Johnnie Walker

Publicity Campaign, Moscow

For this cross-media ad campaign, we had to combine the Scottish Johnnie Walker whiskey with Pepsi's Evervess Ginger Ale.


To create such an idiosyncratic combination was not so easy task.

However, success proves it right, Johnnie Walker has already conquered the Moscow market with this mixture.


We developed the associated advertising campaign including posters, flyers, posters, tarpaulins and stickers  to bring the understanding and feeling of this wild mixture to the people.

Ceiling Desgn, Graphics for Ceiling

Interior Design Graphics, Frankfurt am Main

For the in-house café of Cosnova we have designed ceiling sails that are reminiscent of nature and give a refreshing flair.

Targeted lighting creates the impression of natural sunlight. First of all, we diligently tested the whole thing by simulating solar radiation in-house.


After all, we wanted to be sure that the shadows were optimal. We are just such perfectionists. We also designed the matching interior for the Cosnova Café.

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