Our core business is an innovative shop fitting and retail design. This field of work is very complex and requires a closed-knitted team that can cover a wide range of disciplines.


Because we unite the most diverse experts under one roof, we stand out from the competition and are more than just another shopfitting company from Germany.

Our concentrated manpower helps us to implement shopfitting concepts efficiently and creatively. Because we know that shopfitting design is an important part of your holistic brand strategy.

Our expertise extends from the development and implementation of a single area to the realization of chain stores. We have already proven our expertise in almost all market segments in about 36 countries around the world. Convince yourself.


Shop and Showroom,


More than 13 stores were produced in the biggest cities of the US for the premium brand of Amerizlip mattresses.


All stores were designed and manufactured in Germany and then delivered safelz according to deadlines to the US.


We have organized a systematic system for the delivery and installation of all components by our employees.


Shops were opened in major US cities - Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, etc.


For this project a special lighting concept was developed, that reflects the ergonomic structure of the Amerizlip mattresses.

What The Food


Frankfurt am Main

What the Food is a progressive franchise concept in the fast food health sector. Exactly, you read that right. Instead of fries and currywurst, there is healthy, colorful cuisine here. We were asked to give the creative start-up a face.


Said and done! We developed a colorful fruit and vegetable cocktail around the logo and an interior design concept that reflects the diversity and high quality of the restaurant concept. Everything was produced in our factory.

The result is a shop assembly system with a unique selling point. Strong graphic design combined with high-quality interior design and fixtures give the restaurant a unique identity.

Corner 7

Supermarket concept,


Corner 7 is a new supermarket concept from Egypt that blends the classic tobacco shop with a convenience store and diner. It's not that common in Cairo. The scope of the project ranged from market research, logo development, design development and brand architecture to the final implementation and construction of the store in Cairo.

The result: We managed to make from the Corner 7 store the 24/7 crowd puller in a shopping mall in Egypt.

Congress Center

DPD Headquarter,

Frankfurt am Main

Here we had the great honor to develop and implement a convention center of DPD headquarters in Raunheim. The project included all creative scope, engineering, production and assembling. 


We have equipped congress hall, foyer, lounges and package reception master store with interior decor that conveys the elegance of the congress center and up-to-date design. In addition, we designed outdoor advertising, lighting and information systems, including through a 3D installation.


It was a project that required a lot of precisive work and skills, but the result is impressive