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It all started with many small projects that required partial solutions for shop fitting, public spaces design, interior design and brand development.


Over time, we became more and more aware that we are actually uniting all the experts under one roof to work as an all-round agency. That was the birth of the GERO GROUP.


Today we offer both complete and individual solutions from a single source - from brainstorming to development, production and assembly at your desired location. Our favorite words in everyday working life are tailor-made work, systematization, sustainability and quality.


Every project is planned in such a way that it does not mean any internal burden or coordination effort for you as a customer - that is our job.


By bringing together all departments under one roof, you benefit from the fact that our teams know each other and coordinate in every detail. If you work with us, then you will deal with communication and industrial design professionals who, in collaboration with engineers and IT specialists, can present solutions for the most complex projects.

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